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Not sure what your case is

Could that be because you see in other's posts only what you choose to see?

But assume you are resting in your own idea and belief of whatever that is

That's a rash assumption, do you have any real evidence?
Wait, though; if belief and knowledge can be synonymous for you, could it be that your assumptions automatically become knowledge?

Within all changing experiences and beliefs, is a stable unified field which does not change, as it permeates all realities within the changing system of beliefs and experiences that follow belief.

That! is tangible and is in itself resonant.
Consciousness recognizes consciousness, and it is beyond the judgments and limitations of the ego.

If the first part of this quote is an expression of your belief, then it should be respected as such, but, interestingly, your final sentence negates that as a personal belief.

If, on the other hand, the provenance of the first statement is in a logical assessment of the possible nature of that unchanging “stable unified field”, then the final sentence is vacuous, because the ego is necessarily infinite.

Without the anchor of the absolute/infinite in all changing beliefs and experience, Knowledge is based on illusion.

If knowledge is part of “the absolute/infinite”, then all change, and knowledge of that change, is illusion; so your argument, although it may be true, becomes tautologous.
There never was nothing.