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...If there is a God...
'a' God? No modern theologian that I know of, especially me, speaks of 'a' god as 'a' being with dimensions.
anything like the God of most(perhaps all)organized religions, he/she is a monster.
Where is the evidence for what you speak? Sure there are human hypocrites in all fields. I think of the scientists and technologists who designed and put in the hands of the military weapons of mass destruction and the like, but does this make all scientists monsters?

If there is a god who is a an all-powerful and monster-like god, how come he puts up with those who reject him/her?
I think his comment "the creators of religions never wanted to be the employees." is a masterpiece.
Masterpiece? It is a mean-spirited generalization. Again I ask: How much do those who make such broad generalizations really know about the saints, of all religions, who gave, and continue to give, their lives to make the world a better place?

BTW, For two years at Boston University (Founded by Methodists) I studied the life and work of John Wesley--an Anglican minister and founder of Methodism.

There is ample evidence that, inspired by his mother, this great man, the Rev. John Wesley and his followers saved England from having to endure a French style of revolution. For example, his mission inspired the idea of public education, health, democracy and, despite certain verses in the Bible, the freeing of slaves. Money he earned for his writings was used in the service of others.
BTW, can anyone point me to a site where the heroes and heroines are cynical, bitter, hypocritical and sarcastic people who believe in and serve nothing, not even themselves.

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