Bill S:

Thanks for your encouraging comment. It is always good to get a pat on the back. It is much better than a kick in the ass. laugh BTW, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Now it is my turn to encourage you: Don't give up hope. There are new leaders out there--ones who also need to be encouraged. Maybe they got the message the FLF started preaching in the early 1970's. We did get to speak to professors and students at the U of T, more than once, over the years. Here is the latest news:

Take note of this article below: It is about obesity especially among our youth. The article is an excerpt from the book XXL:OBESITY AND THE LIMITS OF SHAME--by Neil Seeman and Patrick Luciani, professors of the University of Toronto.

BTW, when I was growing up--I was a teenager, during WW 2, 10,000,000 was the total population of Canada. At the time, there were 10, 000 people on and I do not recall anyone who was really obese.

An estimated 11 million Canadians,out of 33 million, are overweight, and about half a million are severely obese - XXL

Note the clever use of Healthy-Living-Vouchers (HLVs)--not unlike what the Family Life Foundation has been recommending since the 1970's.

Churches could not issue HLVs from their mission funds? And what would be wrong with giving God a little credit and calling them GOD-Dollars? The acronym, GOD, could stand for Golden-Rule dollars and/or golden-opportunity dollars. Check out --a similar kind of local currency operating in Toronto since 1998.

Interestingly, the following thread, where I write about this in detail, has over 2,150,000 hits:
Speaking of youth and obesity: Just last week, while I was on vacation in Florida and having a walk on the wide Treasure-Island beach which was near where I was staying, I spoke to a youth--he was alone and drinking a large soft-drink he bought at the beach canteen. In a brief chat I soon found out he weighed nearly 400 pounds. Because of a bad knee he had to use crutches.

When he seemed to welcome my interest in having a chat with him about his problem, I dared to ask: How addicted are you to food? Do you eat a lot?

"No, I actually don't...", he said, "but I am really addicted to sweet drinks, especially Dr. Pepper."

When I told him about my study of psychology and pneumatology, I was pleasantly surprised that he was open and welcomed anything that I had to offer which could possibly help him take charge of his cravings.

Then, with his permission, I actually gave him a brief sample of what I call pneumatherapy (I make no charge for this)--that is self-hypnosis, the kind without the hocus pocus (google on Dr. Milton Erickson's work). Following this he gave me his e-mail address so that I could send him more information, which I have just done. It would be interesting to know if that brief encounter really helps. It sure helps me (pneumatologically) to know that I made the offer.
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