"What many people mean when they say "think about" is to come to some firm, intellectually unjustified opinion and give it the same status as an opinion that's actually supported by evidence.

"We can try to figure things out or we can play tin-like. Some times the best one can say is, "I don't know" rather than to just make things up. This is a form of anti-knowledge."

I would mostly agree with that. We see but a piece of all that is around us, and some can pompously proclaim, "I have the truth!". I have said this before, but in the Bible (Job 26), Job says something along the lines of "I know but the fringes of God's power." (I forget the exact quote, but you get the point). And then, thousands of years later, there are five different churches on a street proclaiming, "I have the answer, come here to my church!" It is also in the academic community; "I have the best equipment up to date, including a new observatory, come here!" In effect, there are so many variations of every theory and