In addition to the philosophy of....
What about the consequences of religion; what effect does it....

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Sam comments
We are "without knowledge of," but we are not without the desire for knowledge of....
In our desire for knowledge (that fruit), we too easily reify ...our understanding.
Good points, Sam. I will comment more, later. IMO, the more willingly we dialogue with others, the more we will understand, and know.
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Learning would then be not only a useful occupation, but also a moral and religious duty.

Wow, I wonder if that sentence has ever been uttered before.
It certainly deserves to be immortalized in the firmament somehow.

Despite the "fictional" origin of this sentence above, it actually stopped me from reading any more (for a while) as I had to go pace and think about all the stuff that idea inspired.

As I recall now, it was the image of the apple, the symbolic fruit of knowledge, that had me thinking that maybe that's the point of all religions. "Taking the bite" is about the first action in the story, after the scenery is described.
And of course we need forgiveness because it takes a lot of learning (trial & error) to use the knowledge wisely. To keep striving for that perfection or the wisest of applications (best of deeds?) must have some metaphors in the biblical story also.

Well, it just struck me that religion was the first attempt to codify, or parametize, the proper use of knowledge in order to maintain a social balance or equilibrium.
I've been ruminating on that phrase about "having dominion over all the...."
Much of the rest of the story is about how to wisely administer that dominion as stewards to benefit all.

Well, thanks rede- for the inspiration on these metaphors.

Hey! Deja Vu....
p.s. was somebody ...talking about "the apple," "the garden" ... and metaphors.
Amaranth Rose, I think you participated in that thread. Ring any bells?

....and then I just found this:
somewhat tangentially related, eh?
Pyrolysis creates reduced carbon! ...Time for the next step in our evolutionary symbiosis with fire.