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... It is within your every thought feeling and action. All you need is to introduce your self to your Self.
Precisely! Having no separation is a basic principle of unitheism. At-0NE-ment, with the "Oneness which does NOT change", is its main focus.

Based on your push to advertise it as an ism rather than an experience/reality, I would say you got some work to do.

Obviously from your previous statement:
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please feel free to arrange an introduction for me.

The Atonement still eludes you....

The absolute is not democratic and it doesn't take a position on what order looks like, nor does it divide itself into dualistic characterizations of good or bad.
People who create belief systems separate from the absolute do however... try to nudge the absolute into taking their position on definitive measures of personal idealism.

Superstition still abounds in the limited ideas of unity.
Some believe it means everyone agrees on the same personal reality.
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