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A lot of people of Rev's age give computers a wide berth. He he posts in a wide range ao threads, and initiated a thread that has passed the 3,000,000 hits. As someone who is not so far behind in age, I would say that's worth a word of congratulation.
I can respect your thoughts. Some don't work as hard as he does to draw recognition to themselves, and by tooting their own horn and in as many places as he does to advertise his opinion of himself. I thought that was worth some recognition as well. I realize that in different circles this kind of behavior creates different experiences and reactions.
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As one who is not above "stirring" the old chap gently on odd occasions, I have to say it's a shame that all posters on SAGG cannot behave with the same courtesy.

The world is a diverse reflection of beliefs and experiences. If one decides for themselves what is appropriate and that definition is exclusive to a particular belief system then one finds themselves closing the door to intellectual discussion and instead opening the door to emotional reaction.
I found some close the door too easily because they fail to hear.
There are probably less things in the world to fear and react to than are imagined.
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