MEMORIES OF TIMES PAST In 2007, with some coaching from me, my son, Turner--who registered: 07:40 PM, Fri Feb 02 2007--and I laid plans as to the first topic.

The first thread "we" posted was titled,"Philosophy of Religions--all religions, including,..."

Turner wrote:
Not much room here for naming a real title that makes sense to me. Why the limitation, I wonder?" This was the question on the minds of both Turner and of me.

Mods, now I ask: are you listening?

In other forums there seems to be lots of room to spell out a complete title. We both wondered: How come the rationing here?
Then, to start with, we commented:

What we would like to know from our readers is this: What is your philosophy of life and religion--that is, your philosophy of theism, agnosticism. atheism, or whatever?

Regarding this topic, I (Turner's dad) said this to him: meanwhile, I may just choose to just sit back and read for awhile. But I WILL read, and listen, carefully. Meanwhile, I will add to the current thread and/or other threads, as it is appropriate for me to do so, OK?

It seems that, without even thinking about what he had in mind, DA Morgan asked all, including the mods,
Why are you feeding the troll? [Never said who he had in mind] He has no interest in science? He has no interest in any serious discussion.
How off track some of us so-called human beings can get when we fail to THINK well, eh?

So DAM, ... RANTED and ranted on and on,
He--[I assume DAM was referring to me]--is just here to hijack Kate's site and to sell his brand of snake oil. Just another charlatan with a collar.
Sounds like cynicism, to me, and to you? So I said, DA Morgan, may I ask:
1. Are you still in the land of the living? If so,
2. how well do you really know me?
3. well enough to rant at me?

If so, wherever you are! Or even if you are passed on, I will you Agape! And I do not have to like you as friend, to do this, do I?

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