TFF, when you write: "Some scientists believe in god, therefore everyone should believe in god." Is this your logic? It is certainly not mine.

I presume that you realize that this is not an argument I would make. I quote intelligent people, who I admire, from all walks of life, and who have the courage to tell us what they believe. It is nice to know that science and faith can coexist in the same person.

PARAPSYCHOLOGY. To what extent is it a science? Duke University took it seriously. BTW, I came across the following:
Tesla as a clairvoyant

It is evident that Tesla knew the phenomenon that we call parapsychology. As told above, the method Tesla used to make his discoveries work in the laboratory has no analogues in all the history of science.

There are more that 150,000 documents in the Nikola Tesla museum in Belgrade, but he didn't leave any description of his scientific method, which is comparable only with states experienced by yogis or with things known by saints. Now few people consider Tesla to be a philosopher or a spiritual man. They do think he was a man who inspired physics, technology and science.

Finally, he founded a basis of a new millennium civilization with all his life's work. Though now his influence on the modern tendencies in science is minimal, his role heeds overestimation. Only the future will give a real explanation of Tesla as a phenomenon, because he went far ahead and he stands higher than the methods accepted currently.

A well-known Indian philosopher Vivekananda, one of the members of Ramakrishna mission, who was sent to the West to find out a possibility to join all existing religions, visited Tesla in his New York laboratory in 1906 and immediately sent a letter to his Indian colleague Alasingh. He rapturously described his meeting with Tesla: "This man is different from other western people. He showed his experiments with electricity.

His attitude to electricity looks like an attitude to a living being. He speaks with it and gives orders to it. I speak about the highest degree of spiritual person. It is no doubt that he has a spirituality of the highest level and can call all our gods. In his electrical multicolored lights, I saw all our gods: Vishnu, Shiva? and I felt the presence of Brahma himself".
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