What are the qualities of God? Basic Abrahamic approach is that he's Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Benevolent. This is the first problem I have. Most people here are familiar with "the problem
of evil," so I won't even bother to explain it. My point is that if God has these three attributes, then his existence is not logical. Yes, according to human logic I mean. So if God can't be
comprehended by humans, how can one even attempt to discuss his attributes? Unless we make certain assumptions, how can we possibly identify any form of truth?

God has no qualities other than those we give to God. Since God is not contained in an individual but the individual is made in the image of God we become tantamount to the reflection of God.
We evolve and as we haven't reached an end to evolution then either has our ability to reflect God.
God is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent. Benevolent enough to allow anyone to choose their reflection of God and as one evolves the intellect begins to sharpen the image to greater possibilities.
The experiential world is the world of duality, it exists to placate the development of choice based on sensory appreciation.
Obviously an adult has the ability to appreciate things on a larger or more expanded scale than a two year old. But then after puberty the ego begins to take a foothold in the personality and lock potential into form and function based on past experience and begins to project itself into probable futures by relegating all thought to the past.
If certain influences created by stress infect thought, then the projected futures contain the stresses that remain due to the attachment ego has to identification with memories that hinder innocence and potential.
Some would like to blame this on God but the reality is God is the creation of an absolute that has no attachment to what choice is made. The absolute simply supports all thought.
Ego has a tendency to limit itself to the tiny universe of personal opinion and belief. If one could tear down ego and put it in its proper perspective as the servant to consciousness rather than the master of it in lower states of intellectual evolutionary development, a greater world would exist.
On a positive note. God loves stupid people and gives them enough chances or lifetimes to grow up before removing the rug beneath creativity and starting all over.

Raising conscious awareness so that one does not live superstitiously requires a certain level of spiritual evolution to take place at a soul level.
Just like most people don't give their 3 year old the keys to the car, neither do certain universal laws provide energies to allow ignorant people to raise the dead or heal the sick.
Without knowing the consequences of interfering with the development of spiritual evolution every one with good intentions would be trying to create the perfect world without knowing what someone actually needs to learn about themselves and how to refine the awareness in sense of self and intellectual choice.

These are my assumptions:
1. God, if greater than human, would exhibit greater maturity and tolerance than any human.

Do we see this? No, of course not. First of, if omniscient, god
knew each soul that would be condemned. He set up the environmental influences that caused their "fall." Thus he is directly responsible. Problem, is he still punishes. Wouldn't god be above entrapment?

Humans wouldn't be free to evolve or to choose if God intervened in every thing humans did.
Ever tried to teach a child how to live by making all of the choices so he wouldn't make mistakes? Treating someone like they are stupid and can't learn anything doesn't inspire maturity. It breeds insecurity and low self esteem.
Besides we don't approve of slavery anymore than God does.

The soul itself never suffers. There is no condemnation that takes place at the soul level only at the level of the ego and belief that is manifest due to cause and effect.
What we believe and initiate through our beliefs creates the foundation for our lives. Where we leave off at death with the momentum of thoughts and energies of actions paves the portals for future lives.
Basically we become addicted to habits that drive us outward in sensory experience rather than inward toward the soul and conscious awareness of the soul.
It's a matter of simple mechanics. What you focus on grows. The ego is addicted to sensory addictions and instant gratification.
It tries to manipulate the outside world to achieve what it desires and push away what it doesn't like. The universe is an energy web that doesn't hear negatives. It takes thought and translates it into experience. We create experience either consciously or unconsciously.
For those who think God is some guy or being, and heaven is some location that exists on an ethereal plane that can only be reached after good living and a following death, God is a belief.
For those who transcend the ego, God is as if a void of infinite potential and energy and it lives in every experience as a silent still absolute presence that is very tangible to all the senses.
Superstitious beliefs of separation from God and the resultant experience sees the universe as something foreign that happens to the individual.
In Unity of body mind and spirit, God is experienced within ones self and creation moving outward from consciousness that is inside rather than outside of ones self.
The Eastern spiritual Teachings of Yoga or Union are all about the universal laws of God and the absolute.
The Christian roots that are the Teachings of Jesus are based on these same universal laws.
It is man who has translated the teachings into dogma, superstition and Churchianity.
In every age there have always been great sages or seers of truth who have shared the greater truths of God that are not the superstitious beliefs of religious ignorance, but for the most part man has already made up his mind about God and expects this God to counter his thoughts and feelings with something more powerful so that he may be removed from everything that he sees as evil.
God will do no such thing for it is man who is responsible for all of his evils and sufferings, and by mans own defiance toward good and the change required to quit masturbating both physically and mentally, he resists God in favor of his ego.


Also, why the secrecy? If the point of god creating the world was to be glorified, why does he need to hide away? It's a weak arguement to say," God is all around you, but you refuse to see."

It is a weak argument if you don't know God, but the fact is, if you are blinded by your own ignorance and can't see the greater part of yourself and it is not the fault of your senses, it has to be the way you use your senses.
Anybody can learn to play a piano but not everyone does. The reason being is that not everyone wants to learn nor wants to invest themselves in the discipline it takes to learn to play.
Seeing God is the same. Not everyone is really wanting to see God and the God they want to see is what they imagine God is rather than the real God.
Ever hear the song, "Lookin for love in all the wrong places"?
Well if you're looking south when you should be looking north you're not going to see what is happening north are you?
Very few want to give up their precious attachments to their suffering to really know God. And suffering is the attachment to lifestyle and living in belief. Anytime that lifestyle is disturbed and the belief threatened, suffering occurs.
People deluded by ego hate change, and as such are resistant to opening themselves to God.
People will bargain with God.. Give me this and I'll do that...etc. etc. But will they put down everything to experience a life that is different? Not unless it is ripped from their hands, and then they will resent losing what they had. There is no room in most peoples lives because they are too preoccupied with their thoughts and feelings to notice God.
60,000 thoughts per day according to a Stanford research study. That's how many thoughts a normal person thinks per day.
The mind is too caught up in the drama of personal chaos to be cognizant of anything other than egoic personal drama.

An omnipotent god would have the power to make it damn clear to everyone. Where a person to choose sin then, its really sin. For a person, who reasons it out differently, to make a decision such as "not stoning their children" or "to eat shellfish" against old testament proclemations, really shouldn't be punished. People in general really do want to do whats right. The problem is, god has
not made that clear at all. Those who follow the "good book" are often the most hateful, and the most loving and supporting often
lack religious affiliation.

It is blatantly clear. Sin is misdirected thought, belief in separation and attachment to physical appearances and mental imaginings that are belief. It results in a few years of experience and physical death. It doesn't get much clearer than that.

I think its fair to say, that if a child experiances and associateds a christian as mean hearted, and then is punished with eternal damnation for not being christian, then "god" is not

If a child experiences ignorance and by lack of better experience fails to become enlightened, it would be seen by the ego as circumstantial. But to the enlightened, the child who lives through the experience of ignorance expands his comprehension of life by learning and living first hand, ignorance. By this experience he/she will at some level comprehend a greater option and by his/her own judgments and retention of experience, set in motion the wheels of karma to create a more expanded experience of himself or herself.


Finally, creation itself is the biggest arrogance I can imagine! Billions of souls created to burn for all eternity, and why? For glory? Glory!?! That is sickness. Worse than any Hitler...

For anyone who experiences a sewer there can be no words to express the filth and the smell, but above ground civilization would be swimming in its own filth if the sewers were not created to remove the waste that they create.
As such the universe is very accommodating when it comes to the greed and the lust humans focus on. We will kill for our right to lust.

Personally, I have experienced a much brighter side to humanity. Earth is one small planetary sphere in the universe of over 400 billion galaxies and for some planetary civilizations, in comparison, Earth is a toilet, and to others a paradise.
This is reflected in our own neighborhoods. There are people who have no homes and no income to buy food, and then there are those with food and shelter who could care less about the ones who are without food. We are a perfect example of choice and of the intelligence that exists within creation and choice. We reflect ourselves and our ability to evolve perfectly.


If great men, such as Buddha, Gandhi, Bucky Fuller, etc. are capable of tolerance and compassion, then shouldn't god be?

It is because God is, that these men are what they are.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!