"We had the ridiculous debate in some parts of the US when they first invaded Iraq as to whether Christians and Muslims worshipped the same God."
Apparently I must have been asleep for those debates. Were you watching it on the news in New Zealand then? Because I never heard about that.

"The goal can be missed if we're stuck on the definitions". Reminded me of something C.S. Lewis once said, in a book he wrote, I think.

"No-one has adequately defined what they mean by God."
Okay, when i say God, I mean something so vast, so obscure, that it is impossible to put a definition upon. For He is different to all. Creator, Jesus, dark matter (or is it anti-matter, i forget, one of those), the evolutionary process, Zeus, gardening, celebrities, etc. The list goes on, for God Is, therefore being something. And that something is so infinitely higher than ourselves that we cannot even begin to describe it. Perhaps you are right, perhaps I, or all of us. Thus, my definition of God is that there is no definition.
Perhaps I was not making myself clear, and this just intensifies this debate. Sorry if that is the case, for my point is for all to have their own view of God, for He is all, in peace.