TFF, Recently, I got an item published in the National Post--one of our two national dailies here in Canada.

It had to do with the controversial question regarding whether or not the churches should accept gay clergy and the marriage of gay couples.

In a letter to the editor, one reader, who did not indicate his/her gender, argued that the Bible, especially Paul's letter to the Romans, makes it clear in no way should the church ordain practicing homosexuals as clergy and bless gay marriages.

I pointed out:

As a matter of fact, in Romans 1: 26 to 28--The Good News Version--Paul does lists sexual "unnatural acts" as sins worthy of death. But he also includes sins like jealousy, malice and gossip, boasting, pride, failing to show pity and kindness for others, and even the failing to keep promises. Politicians, beware!

If this list is taken as definitive of who among us should be put to death, there wouldn't be very many people left alive to sit in church pews.

In addition to the above, the Bible also recommends, ethnic cleansing and slavery (Deuteronomy 20), Holy Wars (Isaiah 13) and the public stoning to death of all sex offenders and even disobedient children.

Also, read what Paul says about women in general. In 1 Timothy 1:8 to 15 he writes, "Women should learn in silence and in all humility. I do not allow them to teach or to have authoirty over men; they must keep quiet..."

Let me assure readers that, IMO, the Bible contains many beautiful, true and good passages worthy of praise. But much of it is dull and boring reading, often silly and sometimes downright dangerous.

The above are just a few--I could add hundreds of more verses--of the reasons why I am very careful not to assume that all the rules set forth in the Bible are to be taken literally and followed as the law of the land, or even of the church.
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