If God made everything, who made God? To this question I responded: This is the kind of child-like question that is not really a proper question at all. You responded:
That is a proper question, it shows a fault with the claim that "God made everything". It should be worded in an internally consistent way, like "God made everything except God" or "God made all the things, but God isn't one of those things". Or maybe something else that shows the true idea.
Unitheism teaches--and even the Bible agrees--that GOD is all things--plus that immeasurable and mysterious space-time continuum, into which all things, including the material universe, are expanding.

BTW, I find the idea of relativity--an idea accepted by science--and that the universe is expanding into what is now empty space a very awesome, spiritual and GOD-like idea. So did Einstein. So did Spinoza, the theologian before him, who he respected.
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