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.... Perhaps it was an implication of something you said in the past. Earlier you were writing about your particular religion and the awareness of your incarnation of god and then you said:

"As I understand things, it is simply up to me (including us) to come to the consciousness that everything already IS. This means that, if we choose to be moral, ethical and loving persons, we can thus become qualified to become partners in the creative process."

The juxtaposition of these two sentences ties 'morality' to 'consciousness' (of god). The implication is that those who do not attain the level of your glorious consciousness might be unethical and unloving, or at least less ethical and loving.
Thanks TFF, for your response. I presume you are a moral, ethical and loving person.

This prompts me to ask: Regardless of your theological beliefs, do you believe that you have a Spirit which will survive the death of your body? If not, wouldn't be nice if you did get this opportunity?

I happen to believe that if there IS life after death, and that no one, or thing, will be excluded. In my opinion it will simply be a continuation of the kind of life we have started here. This is why I do my best--with all the help I can get from anyone, including atheists, visible and invisible--to lay the best possible foundation I can.

IMO, Atheists who build firm moral, ethical and loving foundations now will, IMO, get the same opportunity all will.

My question to atheists is: Do you, as atheists, find it easy to build such foundations all by yourselves as atheists?

What about immoral, unethical and unloving people, including hypocritical religionists?

IMO, I believe they will get will get the same opportunity to build on the hellish foundation they laid here.

However, I do believe that there is such a thing as a second, and third, and even more chances. Yes, I believe that reincarnation is possible. But this is another story.

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