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Sorry, this doesn't pass the basic science test. We both know that time had a beginning (at the big bang), and we know that quantum fluctuations can result in the production of matter from, literally, nothing (i.e. vacuum -> matter).

No need to be sorry, you don't have to apologise for your beliefs.
Time, in our Universe, began at the Big Bang, although even the BB is not a scientifically proven fact.

However, the preponderance of the evidence today supports the factual existence of the big bang. More to the point, the data directly disproves the idea you are proposing - a static universe.

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As far as I am aware we don't know if time existed before the BB.

It didn't. Time, like space, was a product of the BB. Hence, why it is mathmatically impossible to talk about "before" the BB.

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We are told that quantum fluctuations can result in the production of matter, but then we have to ask: fluctuations of what? Surely you are not asking me to believe in fluctuations of nothing!

But it is, literally, fluctuations of nothing. In our universe, there is no "ground state"; only continual fluctuations of quantum state - even with empty space.

Like I said, watch the video. That is, if you're willing to put your beliefs upto real science.


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