Nice observation. Yeah, where did Rev write or even imply that atheists/agnostics are less moral/hard and nasty?

We live in a world far surpassing any other historical culture in terms of technology, knowledge, and technology. We live in a post-modern world, as it is called. Dogmatic religion of the Medieval time period is outmoded. Romanticism has lost its spirit. Deism and the Enlightenment have been found to be good starting points, but far from the truth. The Ptolemic system, and the Caprinican system, are false. Early Darwinism had been based on the presumption that we were far less complicated than the 21st century molecular observations show.

What is my point? Well actually, I dont know, I guess I was just ranting.

But the new thing in our culture is relativism, which implies tolerance to others who don't beleive as we do. Now actually this would be a paradox, because if an African tribe has a mythology about some bird-creator, and a series of creations, we know it is false. But we learn something from them. Even though it is not 'right' for us, in our highly technical and PC world.

Okay, I still don't really have a point, but whatever, make this as you will. Im not here to force my opinions onto you, I just have some (developing) world-views.