TheFallibleFiend wrote:

"I don't recall writing any of those things".

But feel free to claim them if you wish.

Revlgking wrote:

"Please expand on your last comment. What do you mean by this idea"?

Well, first of all there's no fullstop between "God" and after in my original comment. Lets just look at most of the trouble spots in the world. Belief in a god is used to justify everything from occupation of territory to the acts of terrorism committed in response. Sure, the basic causes may be the economic advantage of certain small groups but they gather support for their cause by claining they have their own god on their side. The phenomenon is not new. States in ancient Sumeria, the Middle East and and Egypt adopted the same tactic.

Tim wrote:

"do you mean the Bible promotes a holy war in the sense of Islamic jihad"?

Fraid so. That's how most of the rest of the world sees it anyway. All you Christians, Muslims and Jews fighting over which sub-sect worships the one true G$D.

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