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BTW, is there an easy way to go back and visit what was said in 2007--the first year of this thread?
...you could quote something, which back then seemed like a good conversation starter, and see where it goes now.

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IMO, at this point life began to develop more efficiently than usual. This happened, because when our first ancestors evolved to the point of being conscious beings they received the Gift 0f Discernment--G~~D, which enabled them use WILLpower to Generate, 0rganize and Deliver that which is Good, Optimistic and Delightful.
...I once got to see an address by Holmes Rolston III, professor emeritus (and father of Environmental Ethics ...iirc); and he spoke about the Three Big Bangs.

Of course the first, physical, big bang is obvious; but he added Life as the second big bang, and Consciousness as the third big bang. But I think he meant self-consciousness, though the dividing line is very blurry.

I've always interpreted that line about how 'in the beginning was the word' as referring to that third big bang. "The word" signifies the dawn of 'meaning' and 'value' ...and as well, as Rolston says, "that to value something, one must possess consciousness."

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