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...On the other hand religion is the desire to control people by manipulating their spirituality.

Iehe, as one who spent a life in a "religion"--I am now retired--I am inclined to agree with you. In the NOW lets us dialogue about what WE need to do to get us back to spirituality. Any suggestions?

I could offer a suggestion.
To be in the now would be to give up any ideas relating to past impressions that would bind us to the same illusion and stepping out into a world that still has the idea of religion as being a way of controlling or manipulating.
To be totally in the NOW one would have to be cognizant of their own creatorship or spiritual reflection of reality. The awareness of all ideas being personal rather than actual.
Only then will all ideas of illusion based on the past not stick to you.

But then you would have to be cognizant of free will and the fact that all create their own reality.
In that there are no victims. Those who believe in manipulation, manipulate or are manipulated.
Those who know God, know that everything is created in perfect sync with the evolutionary stages of ones own spiritual or egoic awareness.

We (from the Ego ) can not change the destiny of those who belive life to be limited, nor can we change the free will or choice of those who are immersed in the fear of a world that is wrapped in manipulation.
We as spiritual beings can rise above it and allow it to be the choice of unconscious beings, and by the example of being conscious shed a light that might destroy the shadows of illusion as those who are ready to see come to their own evolutionary threshold of awakening.

But to immerse ones self in trying to make what is illusion change, WE become part of the illusion and part of the problem.

So to be in the NOW would necessitate letting agreement go regarding all belief in illusions, so that you are not trying to fix God unconsciously.
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