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It seems to me, that if someone goes looking for sin it's probable that it will be found. Whilst there are some obvious, universally accepted sins, (eg mistreatment of children), sometimes a sin can be culturally specific.
What you are speaking of social morality. This is often projected upon as relative to Sin, but it is not the same Sin used in the Bible.
There is an association to greater moral awareness in a spiritual sense, or the connectivity that comes with Unity. When one is united with the world of creation as the creator, what you project outside of you is felt inside when there is no separation. One acts in accord to the stream of creative life force supporting evolution rather than personal idealism and belief. Sometimes then it is necessary to sacrifice the illusions of the attachments to the body to gain the greater awareness of the spirit, which is why Jesus let Lazarus die before bringing him back to life and perfect health.

Jesus refers to Conscious development of the spiritual connection and levels of conscious awareness, Sin being ignorance.
Unity of awareness with the underlying source of all things, or Unity of heart, mind, body and soul with the absolute essence of nature. Nature being the dimensional fabric of relative levels of creation and life or the realm of natural law supporting a particular structure of cause and effect and the experience of it.
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