TFF, a healthy skepticism, in MHO, is a healthy thing. Congratulations! I began my student-life as skeptic. I still think of myself as one.

However, When I observed the trance phenomenon save my daughter's life when she was seven and one-half years of age, I began to take it seriously. Since then, I have seen it work in thousands of cases, including major dental-surgery. I had major dental surgery done a few years ago.

At my request, and without any anesthesia, my dentist did fixed-bridge surgery on me to replace two missing teeth. After the surgery. he declared: "I am amazed..."

BTW, going into trance does not, necessarily, involve going into a state of unconsciousness. I was completely alert during the surgery on my teeth.

Since the experiences that I actually had with my daughter's health, my personal health and that of many others, I have become less and less skeptical regarding the power of the mind over the body. All this is prompted by, what all forms of theism, call the spirit.

BTW, there is no rule which says that you have to accept that you are a spiritual being, who happens to have a mind and a body. The choice, spiritually speaking, is, exclusively, yours.

If you so wish, you are perfectly free to conclude that you are nothing more than a clever animal with no conscious future as a human being. smile

BTW, I presume you have no objection to those of us who are inclined to choose otherwise. Agreed?

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