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Some time ago, probably in a different thread, I posed the question, "What do we actually know about God". I suggested that the answer might be "nothing".
Bill, I don't remember this. But I agree: GOD, for me, is a NO thing.

Once upon a time, there was NO time. All there was, was empty, dark space. Then, in a "millionth" of a second, light was generated followed by chaos, movement and time, in the midst of which was organized the first hydrogen atoms into a primordial ball ... and the rest was delivered to us as history and herstory.

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I still think the answer is "nothing", and that it applies equally to theists and atheists. Both sides believe they are right, and everybody hates an agnostic.
Rather than debate with or hate anyone, I prefer to talk about what is and where we go from here.

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