TT, when he was asked why he spoke in parables, I take it that his response was pure sarcasm. In effect he was saying: You ask a dumb question, I give you a dumb answer. Yes, Jesus had a sense of humour, IMO.
It (His answer) was anything but sarcastic.

TT, keep in mind, I am making the effort to understand you. Does this make me a swine?
Making the effort does not. However serious application of ignorance to life is what Jesus was referring to when he used the term swine.
His reference was to the fact that a pig cannot be anything other than a pig. Humans on the other hand can evolve beyond the simplistic animal behaviors and reactions to sense oriented ideas and habits.

Your first reference to Jesus being sarcastic doesn't favor your intelligence only your misunderstanding.
As such Jesus would refer to you as not incapable but without sufficient awareness to decipher the obvious as he saw things.

Some are quick to catch on and others have become conditioned to their sense of time and habit, and do not move far from the pen...
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!