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to illustrate my philosophy of religion, I offer the following story:

There was once a brilliant computer scientist and technologist, who also happened to be a sincere and reluctant theological skeptic. He developed what he believed was a powerful, voice-activated computer, which he claimed was also infallible.

He told his friends, "My computer is capable of answering any question about physical, mental and spiritual matters any human being is capable of asking."

One of his female friends was a theologian. So he invited her over, along with a few other friends and experts, to be among the first to put his infallible computer to the test.

At the meeting, first the experts in the arts and the sciences asked their questions. No matter what question was asked, the computer responded, verbally, and with precision. It was able to answer every physical and mental raised, in detail.

Everyone present was amazed and very impressed.

Then it was the theologian's turn. First, she asked some very tricky questions about the Bible, church history and about the religions of the world. Again, the computer had no problem giving the correct answers.

Then she said, "If you truly are an infallible computer, I assume that you already know that I have my doubts as to the existence of God."

"Therefore, I have one more question.

"Is it true that there is only ONE True God?"

First, there was a period of silence. Then, suddenly, out of the silence, the computer became a beautiful pink cloud, which filled the whole room.

Out of the pink cloud came a powerful and resonant voice which said:

"THERE IS, NOW!" smile
THINK ABOUT IT: If we really did have an infallible computer which knew the answer to all our questions, we would have G?D.

Practically speaking, I believe that we actually DO invent and/or discover the kind of god who we use to serve our purposes. This is why we have numerous religions.

However, beyond this there is still G?D, the ultimate uncreated creator.

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