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As you know, I do not believe in prayer in the traditional sense--that is, pleading with a reluctant and capricious god out there, or up there, to do this that and the other thing for us just because we request it; but I do believe in tuning in to, or connecting with GOD as the source of the knowledge and wisdom we need. I believe in imaging what is needed and sending what I call meditative and affirmative thoughts, which I will. After all, all progress begins with thought.
Interesting idea this idea of what is needed.
I suppose you would have to know what this source was, have an intimate connection to it, as well as have some Idea as to who or what created what it is you think needs to be changed so as to curcumvent what has been created by some other need of the planet and the Universe.

I've heard many who think: "If I were God, I'd do this or that...Or since I don't bow to a God the creator and pray for guidance and wisdom, I will take the wisdom which is available in the God of my dreams, and change what has been created by my intuitional realization that what is God, is at the moment less than what it could be idealized as the manifestation of humanity and the weather.."
Isn't that just the ego, thinking?