"Am I to take it you accept your God exhibits these "less noble traits"? Or are we not actually made in God's image?"

No, He could not because we are given the Freedom of choice, which can elevate or de-elevate (if thats a word) us, according to our actions. But that is my God. For me, saying that I am in the image of Him does not mean that I am Him. I am merely somewhat related. There are glimpses of humanity's greatness through noble and honorable actions, is there not? Self-sacrifice, caring for others? To me, those are the rare times when man looks behind the veil and sees his Creator. When he rises up above this cosmic void, and gives it meaning. But I do not expect you to have the same views of God as I do.
"Resistance is useless." Now perhaps I am misinterpreting that statement but in my eyes I am not condemning others for their view of God, or if they think mine does not make sense. My point is that I am not resisting other's opinions about myself, and that I am letting freedom of choice and pluarlism which most do not ahold to.