Rev asked:

"So all you and I have to do to get rid of the laws against against killing and stealing is to go out and break the laws against them?"

Rev, you are still confusing human laws with scientific laws. Scientific laws are, by definition, absolute and it's impossible to break them no matter how hard we try. If it appears on some occasion someone has broken a scientific law it means the law is incorrect and we have made a mistake. It's not a law. There is no scientific law against killing and stealing. In fact some cultures encourage both these activities.

Tom wrote:

"My philosophy is: MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE." I'm pleased to hear that. I seem to remember when you joined SAGG you were a bit of a Bible basher. I also note with pleasure your realisation that "And they did. And they still are. And it needs to still be done." An understanding that our history is and accumulation of ideas is important. I hope there are many more young people like you. But I'm sure there are. And I'm sure you are enlightening your friends.