Hey; isn't this the thread talking about guilt? Guilt is something evident in all primates (and I think all mammals).
...oh, sorry; that was last week....


"Without the experience of Truth, Conscience becomes the voice of reason and the reason that is generated from lack of knowledge is reason that is founded in illusions of reality, not reality nor the Truth of one's own being." -I added the first comma....

When I have a free hour or two, I'm sure I'll enjoy reading this deep wisdom above (...judging by the last part).
Until then, ...I read the last paragraph and was immediately struck by the reference to "reason." Of course, I'm reading Stuart Kauffman's, Reinventing the Sacred [on my Kindle wink ] and his whole argument is based on the inadequacy of reason alone to structure a worldview around. [...or words to that effect.]

"Today the schism between faith and reason finds voice in the sometimes vehement disagreements...." -S.K.
"Emergence... is but one part of the new scientific worldview I shall discuss." -S. Kauffman

~more later
Pyrolysis creates reduced carbon! ...Time for the next step in our evolutionary symbiosis with fire.