this question comes directly from the ego. people like to believe that they are special, when someone begins to ask themselves 'so what makes me special? why do i feel special?' and the general form of this question arises: 'what is the ultimate purpose/meaning of life?' and this is why people get stumped; they wish to believe that there IS some kind of ultimate purpose; that their existance is meaningful on a cosmic scale. and nobody has ever provided a universally satisfying answer to this question because there isn't one.

there is no universal meaning of existance or metaphysical explanation that will meet the cultural, social and psychological demands of every human being. this is why there are so many different belief systems(by belief systems i mean those who serve in a way to answer 'the ultimate question' and indoctrinate a 'special' purpose into the minds of followers) -and why there has never been, and never will be a single belief system to dominate the minds of all human beings. these ideas tend to be disenchanting to the mystic; such ideas are incompatible with spiritual faith.
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