J294-Thanks for the gog explation. Still doesn't seem to make much sense even in context.

Your quote:

"Why not follow a religion, if you follow one and there is not a God, when you die you wont know. But if you don't follow a religion and their is a God your screwed" Author Unknown

....is one of the most cynical reasons I have ever heard for accepting the teachings of Jesus as the Risen Lord and Saviour and spending the rest of one's life giving lip service to God. Do you not believe that He may prefer the honest atheist?... After all, being omnipotent He would be able to judge the falsity of the persons' belief and possibly be a bit cross. Do not forget Jesus did not like hypocrites!

Re Prophesy!!!
I really think that it comes into the realm of problematic things terry refers to, that ahere to ancient religions, like slapping children, killing and pillaging, waging war, executing people who are of different faiths, all the myths (yes they are just that, myths), the attitude to women, gays, foreigners, and heaps more that we ignore or deny everyday. Really it's not even Not-Quite-Science!! And nowadays it's probably illegal too given the means used to achieve the trances and visions in Ancient Times.