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Hmm, I think you judge me a very bad person then smile
Not so! Judging people is something I always try to avoid. Always keep in mind: We speak different languages. This difference can be a problem! Agreed? For example, you say
Religion plays no real part in my life, and I am absolutely terrible at art and musical pursuits.
Keep in mind that, in English the word 'art' means more than just drawing, painting and playing music. It can also be used to refer to anything any one does. In English, writing can be called an art. We speak of the "art of conversation" etc. The doing and application of physics can even be called an art.

Orac, now do you understand me? You say--and to promote communication I will edit what you wrote
The biggest issues, for me, are usually compassion and morality, which, to some degree, religious people have a position spelt (spelled) out for them. For me, I have to work it out.

Sometimes, I feel it would be good on these complex issues if someone said here is what you should believe, then I also recoil at that because as I know from my political life that has several very sharp drawbacks as well wink
Me? I too, recoil at the idea of telling people what to believe.

This is also true in all freedom-loving parts of the world--North America, the British Commonwealth of nations, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Japan, (since 1945) the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain--name other areas which I may have overlooked....

What do we know about China, Russia, Africa, the nations of Islam, etc.? I make no claim that I am fully informed.

Orac, IMO, how you live your life is between you, your conscience and the laws of the land. All I will say is: Do your best according to your conscinece! Walk in the light and information that you have.
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