BTW, are you a deist? And, What is your science?

My training has been in Electronics but I’ve been a generalist in practice and have a comfort level in many disciplines like mechanics and pneumatics. My interests lay in general physics and cosmology.

Technically, I am a deist but I have 99.9% in common with an atheist. To me; the universe is neither random nor haphazard. It’s a clever and beautiful “design”. Throughout my life, whenever I come across a clever and well thought out design; I have always recognized and applauded the designer and this is no different. However, this is the extent of it. I do not project any additional attributes to this designer. Awesome, would be an appropriate word but intelligent, caring, interfering may not be. From what I can see; there doesn’t appear to be any entity or intelligence that “sits” outside of the system but even this “assumption” would be taking things too far.