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that greed is not "good" and that power--unrestrained by love-guided morals--can destroy those who wield it, not just the powerless.

That just sounds like communism, which we know from plenty of experiments, large and small, doesn't produce good quality life in a sustainable way.

Despite the doomsayers about recessions, I and nearly everyone I know still has a fridge, a job, a computer, even this amazing internet thing! Nearly everyone in the world who already had those things still does. The world is wonderful because of all that greed. One speed bump doesn't mean we should never have bothered. You're just doing what religious people commonly do and taking advantage of crises to say "It would have been better my way!"

The Toronto dollar sound similar to things we have called "store cards" and "gift vouchers". Same value as normal currency but you're locked into spending them at certain shops (or groups of participating shops), and that helps those particular businesses at the expense of everyone else, including the consumer.