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This also gives me the opportunity to say: You are forgiven. If I were not a GOD-like person I would try to think up ways to get even

Forgiven? For what? You know it's insulting to forgive somebody who did nothing wrong.


And DOG-like
IMO, all wars, past and present, including all the current wars in the Middle East, and elsewhere, are rooted in what

OK, no need to go over that again. I'm quite clear on that aspect of your idea. As well as going to church, assigning physical properties to God, etc.

I like sharing GOD-like ideas like: It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

What darkness? Science keeps lighting more and more candles. And they're illuminating realistic things, not just painting pictures to comfort us with the illusion of knowing when we don't really.


Gods, no matter how pretty to look at, created with the mind and the imagination, are idols. Idol worship happens

That's what your GOD is. Yours is very pretty to look at because of it being uncluttered by books full of its words.
Just saying that your GOD is part(or all) of nature doesn't excuse it from being an idol. It's like me saying "I worship my bicycle, it is God". That's not created with my imagination, it's a real thing. But it's also just a bicycle. Similarly, the universe is just the universe, claiming that it's also GOD is making it into an idol.