It would if they read it- they may not end up as a believer, but they would be able to make an informed choice. The New Testament of the Bible is, like the Koran and the Torah, the written teachings of the founder of those 3 faiths. The rest is interpretive dogma.

That is a bit altruistic to think that anyone who reads the bible is capable of comprehending it. I don't think there is total ageement in who or what the source of each Teaching is, regardless of whether they think it originated with the icononic religious savant or spiritual master.

I don't believe our own educational systems rely on the ability of interpretation as a form of education. There aren't many classes that render knowledge to the opinions and personal interpretations of book reading without the guidance and knowledge that comes from the presence of a Teacher in the classroom.

It would be a bit presumptuous don't you think, to assume that a few of the comments written in a book, taken from some of the conversations that took place between the Teacher and his disciples could replace the years of conversation and instruction between the teacher and his students?

Not only does it seem a bit of a stretch when you look at it that way, but the translations that were taken from the original languages and then writen by those who were not part and parcel to the original instruction would seem suspect to the opinions and notions of their own dogma and belief after reading the original writings and filtering it through their own beliefs.
As it was the translations were scrutinized by many, so there would be not one interpretation idealized by one personality but One translation idealized by consensus of interpretation. A democratic quorum.
Even they, did not trust the translations to the individual perception.
It also would be difficult to assume that anyone reading it would automatically grasp its content by representation of its many interpretations and the religious separation that exists between Church and State, Church and Church, Believers and non-believers and the history of bloody violence that came from its individual and democratic interpretations.

There are today, those who are still waiting as the people did for Jesus 2000 years ago, for his return to do what he did not do then. Remove from the people all evils and discomforts of their own making.

I'd say that doesn't bode well for individual interpretation and informed decision making when it comes to the nature of the Teaching that inspired the binding of a few quotes and historical references to the Teacher.