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Kallog, it seems to me that you want a god of whom you can make an image. Is this so?

Poster: kallog:
I have no idea what you mean by "image". I don't want a picture I can draw.
But then you say:
So yes, I want to be able to make an image.
Now you are contradicting what you just said. Are you having a problem making up your mind?

Until now you still haven't added anything more to the idea than that GOD is nature.
Are you not forgetting something? I don't call it "nature". I call it GOD. I think of GOD as Over-all non-material Being that includes matter and nature but is in no way confined to them.

If you find it impossible to hold this idea in your mind, then say so. Perhaps the truth is: you simply choose not to hold this idea in your mind. Again, if this is so: Simply say so.

I want information that describes it, that can be built up into a cohesive "image"...
Describe what you mean by "image". Is it something I can draw? Or, of which I can take a picture? Is it concrete? Or abstract?

I assume you realize you are using the language of "idealism". Are you thinking of objective idealism? Or subjective idealism? When helpful, I usually use both.

As a GOD-like person, When I do art, I use my imagination to build a physical painting based on what I call GOD-like non-material ideas, which, in Greek, is called LOGOS--the idea behind what physically is... It is up to you to build yours

... Without that, you can't pretend it's even an idea.
Idea? OK, let's talk about ideas. Are all ideas the same size? How much does your idea of whatever weigh? How big a box does it take to hold a small idea?

Will it, like agape/love be and do good for all concerned, including me? If so, it is GOD-like. If not, it is something I will do my best to avoid as the evil, or sin (deliberate evil), it is.

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