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But seriously,chaos is simply G.O.D. in the making.

In the opinions and beliefs of the evolving human, the order of the universe is based on convenience. Until one finds that the universe meets ones expectations, G.O.D. is always less than present in ones Being.
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In my opinion, the only real atheists are those who reject all that is good, ones who have no qualms about being selfish and evil. They live as though Reality is incapable of evolving eternally and infinitely into beaautiful Being.

But then the selfishness of the Un-theist or Uni-theist in his/her beliefs, are often ignored as he/she judges the one who says he does not believe in the G.O.D, or the projected ever coming order that is to be the eventual manifestation of G.O.D.
The Un-theist or Uni-theist in dialogue with the atheist who measures his beliefs against the atheist, with claims his beliefs see order coming where he still sees chaos, is not standing in G.O.D.. He (the atheist) still has yet to understand or even experience the order within the universe that appears to and is described by the Un-theist/Un-theist while the focus in on the ever present, as chaos or the coming of G.O.D..

The proverbial hypocrite, that must first cast out the beam from thine own eye; before he shall see clearly enough to cast out the mote of thy brother's eye,(Mt 7:5) will have a difficult time trying to convince someone else that there is something different than what the suffering eye sees by confirming the opposing thought as real and then joining them in the experience.

Logically, if God is ever evolving and changing into eternity, it is evolving out of the ever re-ocurring chaos and can never be the G.O.D. that is projected in the ever coming and evolving infinite future that is ever coming or never comes.

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Atheists who accept and live by the principle that goodness and order are possible, IMO, are not a-theists; they are non-theists, as am I, Bishop John Shelby Spong and other like thinkers.

Thinking derived from a lack of experience often creates a shuffling of ideas to appease the mind in its identification with reasons that are personal, or based on personal beliefs. They can be implied as universal but such a democratic process of applying labels to an idea never lives for very long before the label and the idea changes again. Applying ones personal ideas to the idea of democratic consensus often bolsters the ego into the feeling of righteousness but it is a weak proposition when in the final analysis one says there is no proof other than my own opinion.
Everyone knows opinions are constantly changing.
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Most positive atheists have in mind the same "God" as do fundamentalists. "He" is a human-like supernatural and dimensional being who exists and created us. This is why they keep asking theists for evidence. BTW, self-existent Reality, Being as IS, is all the evidence untheists need.

Being, from opinion and belief, continues to be the changing of relative projections of those beliefs and references, to the identification with what differentiates G.O.D. (Goodness, Order and Desirability) from everything that is not Good, Orderly and Desirable.
Ergo, the Untheist or Unitheist title applied in such a scenario is a projection of a God or Being that IS G.O.D., and Chaos which stands side by side of Being and G.O.D. is its counterpart. This Chaos then not of G.O.D. is the convenient excuse for the judgments and measures created by the Un-theist or Uni-theist to identify with the ideal projection of reality. This is simply psychological self justification.
To the ego there must be separate ideals of projection in the idea that the ones being judged as being and perpetuating evil are not of God or G.O.D. and that evil must change to become God or G.O.D. This is the only way the ego can justify itself as being what it wants to be within the confines of G.O.D.

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IMO, if there was such a fundamentalist god he would be an idol.
Anything that is an attachment to personal opinions and is not universal to all regardless of belief and opinion, becomes idolatry. Generally speaking, when one is continually seeking to elevate ones self from the other by the identification and aggrandizement of personal opinion and value, that reflection is not so much of Being, but of a system of affirmations in self worth values.
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