It (atheism) closes you off to the possibilities life has to offer....wrote entropic 42.

And what are these 'possibilities'? Life after death, or the lack thereof, I can understand as a horror for a believer--- but I do not for one moment expect it---so its lack does not upset me! Death comes to us all in the end.

Meanwhile I have a very interesting and fulfilling life, with achievements to enjoy and share with those I love. Life really is what you make it, and if you acknowledge that you'll only get one go at it you give it your best effort! Certainly I am not conscious of any likely 'possibility' that I am sad to have missed.

Atheism is not a belief system--- it is not even a non-belief system. Non-belief requires recognition of belief and the role of faith. Atheism is a lack of belief-- pure and simple. I do not believe that there is a supernatural realm anywhere, any variety. This is it-- reality!

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