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...Actually we do know there was not--nor is, an exclusive, eternal nothingness--a complete and absolute nothingness, which is void of energy or change, time or space. Such a nothingness would have precluded our existence. There must have been something more. The problem is where did existence come from? ...
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Warren, could it be that the answer to your question is: It is a creation of the ego?
Meanwhile, GØd in me salutes GØd in you and in all that is.

Together we can experience GOD--that which is around, in and through all that IS, which we call 'existence'.

Note that I use the Ø (zero) when I write about god, in me. When I write about god, in the All that IS, I use O.

By the way, recently, I talked about this way of communicating the god-concept--minus the baggage--with an imam (a Muslim cleric), who I heard give a lecture to a group of us at the church I attend, who are interested in understanding Islam. He teaches a course in comparative religion at a university near Toronto.

I was very pleased when he said: "May I use your idea in my lectures? I like what it communicates--of course I will give you credit."

I now find that I no longer need to say: I believe in GØd (in me), or in GOD (beyond me). Belief implies doubt. The god-concept is as real to me as is my own existence within existence. Carl Jung, in a famous BBC YouTube clip was asked if he believed in God. He said: "I do not believe in God; I know God is..."

BTW, like the child-like question: If God made everything, who made God? your question: Where did existence come from? is not really a proper question. It is like asking: Where do lanes go when the road sign reads: THIS LANE ENDS? Or: Do cars know how fast they are going?

IMO, a most important question is: What are the practical implications of knowing that GOD and reality are one and the same?

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