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Perhaps if you wish to campaign for G-0-D, you will have to change the beliefs of everyone to accept yours as you see them.

But first you would have to find one that does not change."
I assume that you were once introduced to The One who does NOT change, and that you still are in touch. If so, please feel free to arrange an introduction for me. You say to me
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You change yours as quick as you think up new thoughts and new acronyms.
You call it "change" meaning...?. Also, BTW, you imply that you have THE changeless Truth. Have you told Ellis and Bill S, etc., yet?

Meanwhile--until I hear, convincingly, what really is THE absolute Truth--I choose to evolve within and with G-0-D.
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...What is truth absolute for one, is Truth for all.
Seriously, and in the spirit of agape-love-based dialogue, I say: Let us all take a look. smile
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