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Regarding the importance of "pneuma"--an essential component of human nature: IMHO, there can be no healthy soma component, and psyche component without a healthy pneuma.
========================================= PAGE A1, August 26, 2007:
NEED HELP GETTING OUTSIDE YOURSELF? Researcher replicates out-of-the-body in the lab.

Dr. Henrik Ehrsson, using electronics and working at the University of London, has found a way to deliberately induce the out-of-body sensation. People actually feel that they are standing behind themselves and watching their own backs.

Surveys suggest that as many as one in ten have had a similar experience. People who have this experience usually report that it happened as part of a traumatic and sometimes painful event, such as a car accident. I remember having one. It was when I was a child, and very ill. I call this human ability--this ability to go outside the body and the mind--the spiritual, or pneumatological, ability.

The important point of this post is this: If we can believe it, certain serious researchers are now demonstrating that this phenomenon can be duplicated, electronically.

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