IMO, The artist works (Thanks, Warren Farr) to get our attention to that which is possible and probable--beautiful, good and true, or even ugly. The art of religion--that is, the kind, such a unitheism, without superstition--helps us make the choice as to which is which.
You do know what they say about opinions...
Anyway Artistry is subjective. The Idea that Unitheism has a grip on reality and helps one to know what is what, or which is which, is just as subjective as the idea of artistry.
True awareness doesn't come from the defining principles of belief and opinion. However awareness is often labeled through the subjective determinism of belief and opinion creating a closed loop, also known as the psychological box of limitation in belief and the ongoing changing evolution of egoic principles.

I'm amazed that anyone would think you could free the mind from idealism and ego by googling or reading any number of books.