Unitheism is such a simple--in the profound sense of the word--and child-like theology. Unitheism and the universe have a lot in common.

THE EGO--part of our humanity
All one needs to do is: Begin with the unit of being we call 'I', the ego--from the Latin and Greek for 'I'. Now this is not too difficult to understand, is it?

For better or for worse, we have egos; they are part of what it means to be human. If I refuse to grow up and allow my ego to be a self-centered, greedy and power-seeking child, it will lead me to pain, suffering and even death.

If, with a positive mental attitude of faith, hope and love, I surrender the ego to the UNIverse--physically, mentally and spiritually, my ego will become the real me. Thus we will be led me in the paths of righteousness--the way to justice, peace and eternal bliss.

As egos, you and I are the center of our universe, as we perceive it, with our senses. In my opinion, this is also true for everyone reading these words. I am convinced this is true for me. What do you think?

From this centre of consciousness, each of us can perceive, using our senses, that it is possible that there is an eternal and infinite universe-- out there.

What about atheists? While they reject the god theory and creationism as not being worthy of serious thought, even atheists agree that the the UNIverse is indeed a thing filled with much mystery.

At this point, I call all that IS--the universe, the cosmos, nature, existence, whatever you care to name it--GOD. Note: this is not a noun, it is an acronym. GOD is an acronym for all that IS good, orderly and desirable. We can look at the problem of good and evil, later.

I repeat: GOD, in my opinion, is not a being. GOD is Being itself. Therefore, GOD, as the universe, is everywhere and anywhere, at the same time. In addition, GOD, as the total universe, is in you and me as if we are little universes. If we can agree to be, in effect, replicas, or sons and daughters of GOD, we will develop the ability to do "miracles"--great and wonderful things without going against the laws of nature.

Skeptical? You have every right to be. I invite everyone: Do your own simple experiments. No, you don't have to join a church, or send money. Just be willing to be at ONE--in the spirit of agape/love--with all that IS, including self and others. Questions welcome!

ALL SPIRITUALLY MINDED PEOPLE, including Christians, don't be shocked.
Christians, take note: In John 10:34, Jesus is recorded as agreeing with Psalm 82, where it says: I have said you are gods ...

We need to ask: What is the practical value of unitheism?

Unitheists agree to treat one another with the highest kind of love and respect. And we expect that we will be treated likewise.

In other words: Unitheists believe in practicing the Golden Rule--a rule acknowledged as a valid one by all the great religions of the world. Know that GOD is AGAPE/love--not to be confused with sentimentality.

This being so means that we will choose to work together building god-filled communities everywhere we fellowship together.

Now it is up to each one of us to show that we understand the power of agape/love.

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