In my opinion, the zero in G0D symbolizes the ALPHA POINT--that from which all things evolve, unfold.

The O in GOD, symbolizes THE OMEGA "POINT"(Should that be POINTS in all directions?)--That towards which the universe is evolving, as suggested by the French Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin a paleontologist.


1. What exactly is 'The Zero Point Energy Field'?
The Field is the Zero Point Field, a subatomic field of unimaginably large quantum energy in so-called "empty space". It's absolutely everywhere. If you add up all the movement of all the particles of all varieties in the universe, you come up with a vast inexhaustible energy source all sitting there unobtrusively in the background of the empty space around us, like one all-pervasive, supercharged backdrop. To give you some idea of the magnitude of that power, the energy in a single cubic yard of 'empty' space is enough to boil all the oceans of the world.

The Field connects everything in the universe to everything else, like some vast invisible web. The papers published by these scientists written about in The Field show that the solid stable stuff we call matter is an illusion and is simply subatomic particles constantly moving and being gripped on by the background sea of energy. Everything in our world, no matter how heavy or large, boils down to a collection of electric charges interacting with the Zero Point Field. It's a bit like the Force in Star Wars. As quantum waves also encode information, it also as though, on the tiniest level of reality, a memory of the universe for all time is contained in empty space that each of us is always in touch with.

2. Why is the discovery of the Zero Point Field so significant?
Up until now, scientists have subtracted out this extra quantum energy because they felt it was not important. But a number of scientists, from top-ranking institutions such as Princeton and Stanford University in the US and many prestigious institutions in Europe, have realized that the Zero Point Field has enormous implications. Astrophysicists have called the ZPF a 'cosmic free lunch'. If successful in harnessing the limitless energy of so-called 'empty space', these scientists may be able to create anti-gravity WARP drives and create automobiles that run without fossil fuel. It might also open up the possibility that man may be able to travel beyond his own solar system. Perhaps more important, the existence of the Zero Point Field implies that all matter in the universe is interconnected by quantum waves, which are spread out through time and space, and can carry on to infinity, tying one part of the universe to every other part. The idea of The Field might just offer a scientific explanation for the spiritual beliefs of many religions that there is such a thing as a life force.

3. Are human beings made of this same basic material?
Human beings, on their most fundamental level, are packets of quantum energy constantly exchanging information with this heaving energy sea. The frontier scientists I interviewed have amassed evidence showing that living things emit a weak radiation, and that this may be one of the most crucial aspects of biological processes. A German physicist called Fritz-Albert Popp has discovered that humans emit highly coherent photons - the tiniest particles of light. One of the most essential sources of these are DNA, which may mean that DNA uses the wave frequencies of this 'light' to drive all the processes of the body. Other tests show that animals of the same species 'suck' up the light emitted from each other. This activity could explain the silent communication that occurs between animals, and why flocks of birds or schools of fish, for instance, are able to achieve incredible, instantaneous feats of synchronized movement.

4. Arthur C. Clarke, Bernie Siegel and Larry Dossey have all hailed The Field as providing a radical new view of the world. What sorts of controversies have been uncovered?
One discovery is that every molecule emits its own unique frequency, which is used for communication. French scientists have shown that you can record the frequency of a molecule, play it to another molecule and the signal itself can take the place of chemicals in initiating biological processes. The prevailing idea - that chemical reactions occur because chemicals collide with each other - has always been too dependent upon chance and requires a good deal of time. It cannot account for the speed of biological processes-like anger, joy, sadness or fear. Perhaps most controversial of all, the scientists working on the frontier have also discovered that the basic of all the brain's functions have to do with the interaction between the brain and the Zero Point field. New evidence shows the brain's conversations with the body might also occur on the quantum level, with waves and frequencies, rather with chemical or electrical impulses alone. In fact, studies in America on humans and animals show that the cerebral cortex responds to certain limited bands of frequencies.

As incredible as it seems, it appears that when we see things, we are reading information from the Zero Point Field on a quantum level and our brain 'reads out' this information to create the images we see in front of us. Some scientists have gone as far as to say that our memories don't sit inside our heads at all. Our brains are simply the retrieval and read-out mechanism of the ultimate storage medium - The Field.



I first became aware of Zero Point Field Energy (which is sub-quantum) about 12 years ago in NEXUS Magazine. At that time, it was being dabbled with but was mostly theory. I've been "ready" for this for over a decade now. The rubber has hit the road !!!


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