p.s. ...also bfp writes: "i think that the general category of 'religious/spiritual faith' is not the same as 'faith between people' which still, is not the same as 'faith in one's perception/understanding.' "
...yep; can't argue with that.
IMO, faith and belief are one and the same. When I say that I have faith, or a belief, I am simply saying that I am willing and ready to act, without having all the evidence and proof beforehand. I may have some, but not all.

For example, every day people take the step to get married, start a business, invest in the business of others, make friends, whatever--without having all the evidence, or proof, that the action will be a good and successful one.

Keep in mind I am not talking about having a blind faith. Blind faith combined with ignorance is a noxious mix. It is like taking a leap in the dark off a dangerous precipice.

Sighted faith--the kind I like--is like a careful walk accompanied by reason and in the light (knowledge) that we have. Sighted faith is flexible; it is not based on fixed-position thinking--the root cause of all unnecessary conflict, including war.

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