Tim, thanks! I have a feeling we are on the same beam and speak a similar language. smile

TT, you sound like the poster, Joesus, at Brainmeta. Have you ever read him? Forgive me for saying this: But like much of what he writes, I find many of your ideas obscure. Often, I really don't get the point as to what you are trying to say--and I do want to.

Why don't you italicize your main points or BOLD them? Then you expand on them if you wish. If--as it appears--you have some kind of "secret knowledge" or "hot" line to God, keep the message simple. Perhaps you could do what Jesus did: Tell us a parable. There was a guy who knew how to communicate. smile

BTW, you down play the value of new words. Where would the new sciences and new discoveries be without new words like: psychosomatic, X-ray, radar, astrophysics, ipod, radio, television and the like?

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