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Samples of the "Gospel (good news)" according to TT follow my first comment.

In my responses, when I write 'god', instead of using the general acronym, G.O.D., I will use the particular acronym G0D.

G0D is not just a neutral power. It is, and can be, a destructive or a creative power

G0Dpower, or willpower, stands for the singularity in everyone of us who freely, and willingly, agrees to accept the invitation--originating in the powerhouse we call our unconscious minds. Using it, we can be co-creators, or co-destroyers of self and others,...the choice is ours--no interference by a god of any kind.

The obvious idea here would be that to use such a power as you describe, would be.... consciously. If it resides within the unconscious mind, one would need to be aware of what G0d is thru direct experience, and a relationship with what you call singularity. A relationship where mastery of self and singularity become ONE or single.. and conscious.

Secondly you say God is neither neutral, or destructive or creative.
Your determination is belief.

G0d being subject to democratic or personal values.

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This is the power that, with our involvement, has created the here and Now.

Governments of separation, poverty, nuclear and terrorist threats, religious extremes, and definitions of what God and religion should be.... or a reflection of beliefs which are constantly changing and conflicting.

Are the above separate or the same?
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And in the Now, it is creating the Future.
No the now is the now and the now is creating the now. When the Now is exemplified there is no past or future just Now.

If you want to exemplify the now within timelines, then the now is the future moment of that which was thought to reflect that thought as intention and will.

How much of what you experience do you see as your thoughts? As the thoughts of others? Are they unconscious or conscious?

Just how far does your will/G0D extend itself?

Just outside to your locked gate where the other's G0D cannot invade the personal sense of will?

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Check out the news that make the front pages of our papers every day. Each and every story is either a story of a great destruction of self and/or others; Or, like the story of Jesus, it is a story of a great heroism for the sake of salvation of self and others. Your turn, TT:
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If we use the reverends example of willpower, where everyone let democracy rule God, with all of the diverse belief systems and beliefs in God, which will would prevail?
Because TT is, obviously, talking about a "god", this question is pointless to me
No I point in the direction of your creative or destructive G0D of human will power. What is in the front pages of our papers every day. Are we consciously creating this or unconsciously creating this? Do you think people want to take something from another or do you think what they want just conflicts with another's wants unconsciously?

Where is universal will, where all get what they want and without the drama?
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... This is followed by a pointless and judgemental comment
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Will does not in and of itself discern between good and evil but rather follows the beliefs of those who feel righteous with their idea of God.

Pointless because you don't recognize G0D as anything other than a will of personal or democratic process which follows judgement created from belief, rather than perfection of cause and effect.

IF in fact the divergent wills of humanity can create both what is determined to be ugly or beautiful, then man will judge the perfect outcome of willpower as being Godly or evil based on how you define the wholly (as you call it)
.. not just a neutral power. It is, and can be, a destructive or a creative power
not neutral but destructive or creative.

Destruction is creativity. The destruction of ignorance gives rise to experience and wisdom.
Since God is in and of itself neither (as you elude to in your descriptions) creative or destructive, nor neutral, it then becomes a tool for human will according to human design being either judged as creative or destructive.

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G0D--(note the zero, 0; 0 is not an O)--in anyone is the same as G0D-filled and agape-love. G0D is creative willpower--even atheists use willpower--at its highest. As a unitheist, one who does not teach that there is a god who plays politics, the following makes no sense at all to me:
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Where democracy prevails in the beliefs of God there are groups within groups within groups who all get together and democratically determine which God is righteous. Which is why there are so many different churches/diocese within a religion of name.

Put two differing opinions of will into play and everyone believes their God is more powerful and will gain the upper hand.
......at this point I will skip some tautological stuff and I will make one more quote, and a brief comment on it....
Will then, applied to God, I think is superstition.
You mention God--the name used by theists and some others.

No I mention God as you prescribe religion to emulate G0D:
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False religions like to use false names under the general headings of: Judaeo/Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Secularism and the like.

You will recognize false religions more by what they do than what they say they believe. The leaders are all worshippers of the gods of Power, Control, and Money, which they advocate must be in the hands of the few. The many are expected to obey, pray and pay.

Generalizing false religion as one which portrays the lack of democratically derived worship, means that G0D is a personal G0d or one that is democratically convened. This would preclude the origin of the universe as being created by nothing less than the determinations of human will power.

G0d then, without human will, could not have created the universe or the now, or at least become creative or destructive without the judgment of human design.
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TT, maybe you and I have one point of agreement,

I doubt it.You believe the premise of this conversation is a pointless gospel. I think you fail to hear anything other than your own beliefs and seek to find what is useful in human evolution thru your own experience or lack thereof, and not those of which invade your personal belief system.
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