Rev I cannot believe that everyone who acknowledges the possible existence of god (or the supernatural) KNOWS that this is true.

What happened to: Lord-- I believe, help thou my unbelief.

And while I am grumping on-- I am a little annoyed at the way atheists are portrayed as denying the existence of a personal god (you now the one with a beard sitting on a cloud) when in fact many people have taken it further, both on this site and in the general public. Arguments against the existence of a god include consideration of the supernatural, the "presence", reincarnation,nature of outer space, the afterlife --- there would be more but I haven't time to list them all. And atheists see no reason to believe in any of them, which I think is a hair split away from saying disbelieve them all, --- we get back to the nature of individual faith, without which communal belief cannot exist.