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Does anyone get any value from what TT posts? Check TT's profile. Are they from a real person? Or a robot?

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Linds, if it wasn't for Tutor Turtle, it would just be you talking to yourself. Which it pretty much is for stretches.

Your threads seem to get views, but not much else. You link to them in places like Twitter and About.com I see. That will drive up views, and a lot of the views will be bot re-indexing the thread for search engines. Bragging about views like you do is pointless, as 8,000,000 views doesn't mean anything when you only have 2000 replies. That's 4000 views per reply, which is a nonsensical ratio. Either there is a bug in the counting system once it reaches a certain number, or Google had issues. One reply for every 4000 views is Nigerian email territory.

And for a subforum called "Not-Quite-Science", you're expanding the definition of "not quite". From what I've seen, I agree with Tutor Turtle, and I think he has been quite reasonable.

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