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...Rev, I'm curious about your view on certain lesser cosmic events.
You ask my view about such events--lesser or greater: I only know what scientists who study such events tell us. If you are such a scientist--Are you?--I ask: Do such events take place in finite, or infinite, space?
Then you comment
For example, it may be that somewhere in the 100 billion observable galaxies, intelligent species - perhaps even human-like - have been eradicated by, for example, supernovae.

Does that sound at all loving and GOD-like? Gentle, or humane?...
Your question implies that you think of GOD as a person. I do not.

As a unitheist, I think of myself as a person who is, within GOD--as infinite, eternal, immeasurable and indescribable being.

Sophisticated theists think of 'God' in a similar way when they use terms like omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. It is people who like to think simplistically who make 'god' as an idol.

BTW, in keeping with the order and opportunities of life, it has always been my understanding that if I break the laws of nature--for example, the laws of gravity--there will be consequences, including death of my body.

It is my responsibility and desire to find and design ways and means to cooperate with nature and the laws which govern it.
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